Foodwatch alarmed: even children eat unhealthy

Many products are as unhealthy, manufactured specially for children, Foodwatch has detected again. 1.514 Food for children is the registered association under the microscope and to the simple classification divided in several classes and traffic light colors. The traffic light colors have been assessed using the Food Guide Pyramid of aid (aid infodienst nutrition, agriculture and consumer protection, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of food). To show in what quantities, certain food groups should be consumed by children.

The traffic light colors mean:
Green = plenty eat mainly fruit, vegetables, cereals and beverages such as unsweetened teas and mineral water yellow = moderately eat dairy products, meat and fish red = sparingly food oils and fats, extras such as candy, pastries, salty and fatty snacks like chips yellow-red = only products that while contain meat or fish (yellow), but also lots of fat = (red) green-red only products, the while vegetables or cereals (green) contain, but also lots of fat (red) green-yellow red = only ready meals, although a portion of vegetables oderGetreide (green) or (yellow) containing meat, but only to a substitute for a balanced, freshly prepared meal can be (therefore also red) grey = neutral in small quantities in order in large not recommended (red)
The complete list is posted here.

Who once there through looks, will determine shocked how many foods contain far too many simple carbohydrates or unhealthy fats. Is actually needed because not even a major study, so obviously it is daily during the visit to the supermarket: many products, except for young or old, brightly advertised, and it contain - quickly shows when looking at the label, incredibly large quantities of white sugar.

It is all manufacturers tryt, to give a touch of healthy or low calorie products. You can blame that not one also. But then on the package it is, given the product contained many fruits and low in fat, are actually but contain only essences and artificial flavors and plenty of plain white sugar, then borders the consumer deception. The consequence of this sugary diet from childhood: Childhood obesity increasing more and more.

We believe: we operate while a diet and fitness Advisor with many weight-loss tips which to take off would be hardly visited without people with the desire. But we would not see ahead rather, further long term large parts of the population through unhealthy diet will get problems with their weight and their health because already the young generation can hardly resist the lure of colorful wraps and sweet dishes. Too bad actually.

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