Tena Pads And How To Choose The Right One For Your Needs

Tena pads square measure evidenced to be a strong addition towards providing normalcy and relief within the thick of incontinence, but this protecting garment is just nearly as good because the user WHO chooses the proper one in accordance to their explicit desires. Tena is understood for his or her Brobdingnagian selections of pad style that is created to accommodate each form and size of the soma whereas providing selections in numerous degrees of protection.

One of the foremost issues of individuals WHO buy the foremost ideal incontinence pad is comfort. If the pad will it's job absolutely in riveting fluid and eliminating odor however causes distractions and discomfort to the person carrying it, presumably it's a useless cause. Tena goes on top of and on the far side within the mission to mix each comfort and protection in one product by planning pads that square measure equally as satisfying to wear as they're powerful in protective against bladder discharge and odor. once selecting the proper pad, it's best to think about what combination of options is that the best work since Tena provides a formidable kind of pad styles per the various style of best-known incontinence fashion necessities.

You have a good kind of protection choices to decide on from in getting Tena pads. As associate degree underclothing product that makes a speciality of permeableness of fluid and odor management whereas maintaining a cushty work upon the body, Tena pads vary from management over light-weight, moderate or serious bladder discharge. Comfort is obtained whereas incontinence symptoms square measure controlled in carrying this product supported it's extremely soft prime sheet and aspect style. select from the radical skinny, Day-Plus, Day-Light Incontinence, public convenience Bladder management, Serenity permeableness or Serenity long Pads which might be purchase in an exceedingly package of thirty or one hundred twenty. the look and feel of Tena pads square measure like regular underclothing, that satisfies most of it's users. As a discreet and protecting underclothing resolution, odors square measure controlled whereas fluid is absorbed into a core through the employment of a cushty surface that conforms to the right suited the body, {you feel|you square measure feeling|you're feeling} such as you are carrying regular underclothing whereas attaining powerful odor management and absorption properties that keep you feeling contemporary and dry.

For the last word in odor management through the employment of associate degree OdaSorb and pH balanced system, choose the Serenity Discreet Bladder Protection and Serenity final Pads. Not solely will this product maintain your contemporary scent through bladder discharge, it's soft, light surface ensures your skin remains dry by riveting fluid into a core to lure it before associate degree accident will occur. you'll be able to purchase these pads on an individual basis instead of in an exceedingly package.

The Day light-weight Incontinence Pads carry a Latex-free style that allows it to be worn together along with your regular underclothing. Use the special adhesive strip to lock this pad firmly as a soft and extremely absorbent product that conforms to the form of your body simply. The xerotes you may feel in carrying the Day light-weight is attributed to the Air Dry Layer style which mixes associate degree air promoting system with associate degree absorbent core for max air circulation to stay your skin feeling dry. It's microbeaded core works in conjunction with the Air Dry Layer by riveting fluid to stay wetness aloof from the skin's surface. The oval-shaped elastic used close to the sides is sturdy as a seal and is to blame for capturing fluid to forestall leaks whereas providing a cushty work. As your skin meets the surface of this pad, you may feel softness from the cloth-like material that is swish and doesn't produce any noise throughout movement. This pad is purchased in four totally different levels of permeableness and is usually created for people that have medium to moderate bladder over-activity.

For nighttime protection against incontinence, Serenity long and Serenity final Pads use an analogous style of the Day light-weight, combining pH-balanced odor management with a extremely absorbent core and cozy work. the most components that separate this from different Tena pads is that the physical style that carries a wider front and back space for best protection once in an exceedingly lying down, sleeping position. just like the Serenity Discreet Bladder Protection and Serenity final Pads, this product options a Dry quick Core for fluid absorption.

Tena for Men Bladder management Pads square measure bespoke with associate degree adhesive strip that provides a secure work and a pad that is formed as a cup to accommodate the male anatomy. This discreet product has constant odor protection power and luxury as different pads and is specifically designed for men with light-weight to moderate bladder discharge.

Tena pads square measure extremely bespoke and teeming in numerous varieties per your distinctive issue of incontinence, creating it a protecting underclothing that meets the wants of almost about anyone notwithstanding form, size or height. Feel the consequences of this product as you expertise comfort, freshness and protection for day or nighttime relief to symptoms of incontinence.

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