Etiquette: focus on Sushi Etiquette

The Bon Ton is a "Handbook of good manners" that explains how we should behave in the most diverse occasions, not to seem rude and uncivilized. Modern era, however, Bon Ton is not the same as centuries ago indicated the "rules of the mores" as a means to differentiate themselves from the "zotici" of the poorer social classes.

The war of elites from the manners "refined" against the rudeness of poular today has evolved to embrace the contexts of modern life quite bizarre.

Ever heard of Sushi Etiquette? Well Yes. Even when we go to eat the Sushi there is an elaborate label to follow. Those who do not respect the Sushi Etiquette will be looked at by others present with suspicion and pointed at as a "boor". To avoid fool, here are the basics of Sushi Etiquette.

1. The Sushi is prepared with great care by the Chef, who expects to see it worn properly. The Sushi should be eaten in a single bite, without separating the different parts, eating before an ingredient and then the other. Never separate the fish (Sushi-dane) from rice to dip it in soy sauce: this action is considered a real affront.

2. The Sushi is normally already seasoned when it is served. The only case in which it is to be dipped in soy sauce is when it was previously served by the Chef. To do this, Remember to soak only the fish with the sauce and rice.

3. If you decide to go with chopsticks, you must follow a precise technique. Take the sticks and then turn 90 degrees side of Sushi. Then reverse the rotation of the wrist and dip only the superficial part of the fish in soy.

4. If the table is this ginger Candy don't be fooled: this is not a condiment. Ginger is eaten between a range and the other to clean the mouth and maximize tasting experience.

5. If you have also ordered the Sashimi you dip in a mixture of soy sauce and Wasabi. The fish slices are lightly soaked in the sauce just before swallowing.

With these basic rules you will avoid gaffe within the Sushi bar, acting as the perfect Japanese Diners.

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